Learning RMA by doing RMA: Empowering Research Managers and Administrators through foRMAtion’s Mentorship Programme

This event has passed.

The event will be hosted by the Slovenian Forestry Institute and will focus on the foRMAtion Mentorship Program. Lessons learnt from the piloting and further RMA mentorship programmes around the world will be assessed, such as the ERA Fellowships – Science Management Programme in Germany, mentorship activities within ARMA and EARMA, the Odyssey Mentoring Programme of SRAI as well as the Mentorship Programme of the Canadian Association of Research

Administrators. We invite all interested experts to join the world café discussion about the potential transfer of the foRMAtion mentorship programme and future cooperation in the frame of the foRMAtion alliances!

Flyer with the agenda available here.

Registration is required.

See the announcement about the event here.