Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Soft skills for the Research Management profession by Chandra Brandão: Video and card game - watch the video here

The Art of being Inspired by Kacper Wałęsiak - download here

How to be a happy RMA: the importance of mental health by Lea Westphal - download here

How to be a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager by Ludovica Iollo - download here

Benefits and challenges of benchmarking in Project Management by Marina Beščec - download here

Can I become a good Research Project Manager? by Marina Frank - download here

How to become a Science Communicator by Mehir Kalmis - download here

Political Science: a researcher in politics by Miguel Galvão - watch the video here

How to be an ethics advisor by Satuk Bugra -download here

"What is a researcher?" online Children Picture Book by Simona Feichtinger - PDF Book here

"What is research" video to children by Nina Hofmarcher - watch the video here

How to do research? by Sinem Nur Uyanık - download here

A Closer Look to Grant Writers by Zeynep Yazman - download here

How to improve your soft skills by Zofia Orłowska - download here

ENIGMA - rEsearch fuNdInG MAps by Ana Rita Dias - download here.

What could it be hiding? Life? The Unknown?: Science posters by Carolina Carreiro - download here.

Troubleshooting conflict in RMA's workplace by Fernanda Rabello - download here.

How to prepare a research application by Joana Goulão - watch video here.

Ethics and Compliance in Research: (re)thinking Management and Administration Principles by José Simeão - download here.

Instagram Campaign "Open Science for students" by Maria Paiva - download here.

Guidebook: trick & tips to submit a proposal by Paulina Janusz - download here.

How to get the Internship of your dreams in Research Management by Silke Wetjen - download here.

What is RMA? a short dissemination video by Yulia Reutova - download here.

How to became a Grant Writer video by Chandra Brandão - download here.

A financial officer portfolio video by Flóra Hutkai - download here.

"The DNA of RMA" Podcast series byJohanna Kessler - download Edwin Kanter, Melinda Fisher, Rui Munhá and Simon Kerridge podcasts.

EU Funding programmes overview presentation by Kinga Raźniak - download here.

RMA introduction e-book website by Mehir Kalmış - learn more here.

The history of EARMA interactive timeline by Pia Levin - learn more here.

Your weekly RMA newspaper by Satuk Zikzilan - download here.

The lifecycle of a PhD and Master’s project prezi interactive presentation by Weronika Fila - learn more here.

How to become a project manager and have fun from it? presentation by Wojciech Dąbkowski - download here.

How to become a Grant Writer video by Chandra Brandão - watch video here.

The Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania
Corvinus University of Budapest

foRMAtion promotion video - download the video here.

foRMAtion for companies and businesses - download the video here.

foRMAtion - research and management - download the video here.

Seasonal School in Rome

Seasonal School, Rome, Team 3 - Anais Guerra, Balint Takacs, Boglarka Sorban - watch the video here

Seasonal School, Rome, Team 4 - Ibolya Vizeli, Fanni Dominika Torok, Mariana Nicolau - watch the video here

Seasonal School, Rome, Team 2 - Bárbara Coelho, Anna Viktória Pintér, Bence Futó - watch the video here