The foRMAtion Mentor training was organized by HETFA Research Institute and held between the 22th and the 24th of March 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held online via Zoom. In total, there were 26 participants in the Mentor training.

The main target group of the event was the group of appointed mentors at research support offices of host organisations (RPO partners, incl. HETFA, SFI, SPI, ISINNOVA, APRE and NOVA). Besides, colleagues from university partners, members of the project Advisory Board and the External Expert responsible for Quality Assurance were present to provide feedback, advices and share experiences from previous mentorship activities.

Discussions, good practice presentations and interactive parts, such as role plays and quizzes supported participants, especially future mentors and colleagues involved to get a common understanding on the programme, its implementation, the necessary inputs and the desired outputs. Important issues were also touched upon which can support the finalization of the mentorship guide and the implementation of the programme as such.

Based on the feedback of participants, the event was well-organized, the balance between presentations and interactive sessions was ensured, trainers were well-prepared. Despite the lack of social programs, participants enjoyed the training and could take away important lessons learnt.

As a result of the Mentor training, the Methodological Guide for the mentorship programme (IO4) will be finalized. As partners agreed that converting the programme to a fully online activity would not ensure the motivation of the student and decrease importantly its efficiency, as soon as restrictions deriving from the COVID-19 pandemic are released, trained mentors are ready to start the work with the selected students from our university partners.

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