One year has passed since our project has been kicked off. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the foRMAtion partnership faced a hard decision: the event series (including the third partners’ meeting, the teachers’ training and the first dissemination event) originally scheduled for the end of September in Lisbon unfortunately had to be postponed.

However, thanks to the strong commitment of the project partners, foRMAtion continues unabated despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic. According to a joint decision, the Teachers’ Training – which is a key event to ensure that the progress of the project is not harmed – will be held in an online form in this November.

Training for the teaching of the foRMAtion module

Teachers and professors from partner universities, who will afterwards be responsible for the teaching the developed curriculum, will be invited to participate in the five-day-long virtual training event. They will get familiar with the modules and lessons of the curriculum and also have the opportunity to get to know non-formal and problem-based-learning methodologies.

Applying these methods will ensure that students gain high-level knowledge and skills in the field of RMA during the completion of the courses. Partners responsible for organizing the training will also pay special attention to receive useful inputs and feedback from participants for the finalization of the curriculum and teaching material.

The developed innovative module will be launched at partner universities in the spring semester and will provide a unique opportunity for students to become Research Managers and Administrators.

Partners’ meeting

To discuss the details and the draft agenda of the training, the partnership held an online meeting on 16 September. Beside the topic of the training, project updates including the current status of the developed materials as well as the activities planned for the next half year were also put on the agenda.

According to the plans, partners will meet personally in Cluj in March 2021 where the training of future mentors and the first dissemination event of foRMAtion will also take place. The postponed events are envisaged to be held afterwards in Lisbon.

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