The MELLearN Network (the Hungarian Universities’ Lifelong Learning Network Association) was established by several Hungarian higher education institutions in 2002, in the context of a THENUCE European Socrates / Erasmus programme. This registered higher education network is the Hungarian member of the international EULLearN Network (European University Lifelong Learning Network), and currently operates with 22 members to generate and coordinate public pedagogical, educational, and research activities.

MELLearN organises its annual Lifelong Learning Conference with national and international contexts. The title of the 16th annual national conference was, “Learning – Knowledge – Innovation in Higher Education – Challenges of Innovation in the Spotlight”. The event was held online on the 15 October, 2020. Within the section entitled, “Effective teaching-learning at the university of the 21st century. Organizational and methodological issues”, two representatives from the Corvinus University of Budapest gave a brief report on the development of the curriculum and teaching material implemented in international collaboration between NOVA University of Lisbon, Corvinus University of Budapest, Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania and the HETFA Research Institute. In their presentation entitled, “Case-based RMA training developing transferable skills in international cooperation”, they emphasized the importance of the profession of research managers and administrators and the need for relevant training within higher education. They also presented the innovative elements of the tertiary level courses (currently being developed) which aim to improve students’ professional and transversal skills.