Universidade Nova de Lisboa will host from 16 to 20 November the Teacher’s Training Event of the project foRMAtion, funded by the ERASMUS+ programme.

In this online event we will test the curriculum entitled ‘International curriculum for future Research Managers and Administrators (RMA)’ and the teaching materials to teachers from three different European Universities, The Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Corvinus University of Budapest and Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

The curriculum was designed as a course to be implemented by Higher Education Institutions in Europe with the total duration of two semesters.

It aims to provide students general knowledge on the Research and Innovation Ecosystem of the European Union and an overview of RMA work and careers. It contains 24 lessons organised into four modules, focused on: (i) research methods and design; (ii) research funding, policy and governance; (iii) project integration and management, and (iv) research impact and public engagement.

The materials presented on the event will be later on available online in the website of the project available at: https://www.formation-rma.eu

The article is also available in Portuguese.