The teaching of the foRMAtion courses is going to kick start in the upcoming weeks at partner universities. During the next two semesters, students will have the chance to gain knowledge in the field research management and administration (RMA) and choose a career for a lifetime.

foRMAtion project has reached an important milestone: the innovative curriculum and the related teaching material were finalized by Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and Corvinus University of Budapest. These materials were pre-requisites for the launch of the foRMAtion university courses.

The unique RMA course is going to start in a few day. Students having accomplished the module will get a teaser for the profession of Research Managers and Administrators, but also get acquainted with the skills and competencies necessary for the successful preparation and implementation of EU- and internationally funded research, innovation and education projects.

The curriculum and the teaching methodology have been developed with the support of European experts of the field domain, based on the most recent frames and knowledge on research funding. Thus, it will provide a unique insight into the worlds of research, management and EU strategies.

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