The teaching of the innovative foRMAtion curriculum has begun at partner universities in the beginning of February. Behind the university course there are two cornerstones of the foRMAtion project: the curriculum (Intellectual Output 2 – IO2) and the teaching material (Intellectual Output 3 – IO3).

The elaboration of these two documents started more than a year ago with the conceptualization and the detailed planning of the work. The partner university responsible for the elaboration of IO2 was Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, while Corvinus University of Budapest led the development of IO3. Following regular consultations on the curriculum approach as well as on the learning goals and outcomes, the pre-final versions of the materials were finalized until mid-October 2020.

In November 2020 the foRMAtion teachers’ training was co-organized by HETFA, NOVA and CUB. During the 5-day-long virtual event the content of the curriculum and the teaching material was tested by the invited participants who also provided valuable feedback on the further improvement of IO2 and IO3. After incorporating these comments and suggestions, the curriculum and the teaching material is now truly ready to “go live”: these two cornerstones form the basis of the university course launched at foRMAtion partner universities in this semester.

In addition to providing insight into the world of RMAs, the course also develops participants’ personal skills such as complex problem solving, leadership, negotiation, presentation skills or teamwork, as well as their awareness and self-reflection in these fields. Students’ skills are developed through active, gamified, and practice-oriented learning methods, simulating, and working on real workplace problems.

From now on, the results of a lot of invested work are available to everyone. Download the final version of IO2 and IO3 and get to know these unique materials!

In addition, we are happy to announce that the lessons of the foRMAtion curriculum are also available through the Online learning resources section of our website. The platform will be constantly developed with new features – for more details, stay tuned!

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