Let’s start by saying that the second semester of the foRMAtion course was finally taught face-to-face in the classroom and this has made a huge difference! The first semester had been entirely taught remotely. . .

We are proud of the 8 talented students who completed the spring course and of the 17 excellent students who completed the autumn course. As the course is elective and open for all BA-level students of the institution, we had a very diverse and dynamic group: we enjoyed the benefits of cultural and professional diversity as half of the students were from international backgrounds, pursuing studies in International Relations, International Business, Economics, Communication and Sociology.

In the anonymous feedback, students expressed how the course improved their understanding of the value and importance of RMA activities. In the words of one of the students:
I have learned a lot about the whole process of project management planning, about each step that is required in order to achieve quality work. Also, by using practical examples and being a team member, where you have to cooperate and create your own project management plan, the learning is way more interactive and close to a real professional experience.”

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