The impact assessment of the foRMAtion project backed by policy recommendations has been finalised in December 2022.
One of the main goals of this document was to assess the outcomes, lessons learnt, short term results and impacts of the project. Virág Zsár, the coordinator of the project, together with Zsuzsanna Skublicsné Balázs and Zsuzsanna Angyal have authored the document, with integrating contributions from all project partners.
The results of the impact assessment showed that the foRMAtion initiative was not only successfully implemented, despite the negative effects of Covid-19, but it went far beyond the original proposal. foRMAtion has become a flagship undertaking in the RMA community, endorsed by the European Commission as well through ERA Action 17.
The project at large significantly impacted the involved target groups, namely students, teachers, mentors and RMAs, partner organisations, and others beyond the consortium, such as RMA associations, higher education institutions, policymakers and other stakeholders.
In favour of the sustainability of the project results and increased awareness on the profession, a couple of recommendations were formulated to various stakeholders, such as RMAs and research support offices, leaders and managers of research performing organizations, as well as research funding organizations and policymakers.
You can access the document in English, as well as in Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Slovenian languages.