The foRMAtion project will be showcased at the Virtual International Convention for Research Administrators (VICRA 2022) taking place online from 1st – 3rd March 2022.

VICRA 2022 will gather several RMA professionals from all over the world. The event is focused on early to mid-career RMAs with the aim of:

  • supporting and coaching early (and mid-) career research managers and administrators in countries that do not feature a national umbrella organization;
  • catering for RMAs who don’t normally attend overseas conferences;
  • encouraging the development of international mentorships and

establishing a biannual event for existing and new members of the Society for Research Administrators International (SRAI).

VICRA 2022 will host seven streaming sessions which will run for three days in three progressive “chapters”: Chapter 1 – Towards a Community of Practice,  Chapter 2 – Sharpening Soft Skills and  Chapter 3 – Nurturing Professional Associations.

During Chapter 1, the coordinator of the foRMAtion project, Virág Zsár, will showcase activities aimed at raising awareness for the need of RMA profiles and increasing the recognition of RMA as a profession. Cultivating RMA in the EU-13 and Western Balkan countries, Virág Zsár will share with the audience the origins of the foRMAtion project and the lessons learnt from its implementation so far.

This chapter will also host the presentation of Dr Susi Poli, who will suggest individual actions that will help develop a professional portfolio in the (post-) pandemic age. This highly engaging session will call on participants to workshop real-life cases and share their experiences for the challenging times ahead.

Drawing from their experiences in Portugal and Italy, Cristina Oliveira and Valentina Romano will map roads leading to the development of national RMA communities, emphasizing a bottom-up approach and the prerequisite of community involvement. Participants will be invited to discuss   tools and actions presented and consider their applicability in reference to their own national context.

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