During the first semester of 2021/2022 the foRMAtion 2nd course was “tested” at the NOVA University in Lisbon.
Carrying over the aim of the 1st course – providing an overview of the Research Management and Administration tasks and profession – this time the topics focused on Project Integration and Management (Module 3) and Research Impact and Public engagement (Module 4).

Nine students attended the course, in a very international class. Students from Poland, Germany, Hungary and Brazil engaged in challenges, discussion and plenty of teamwork tasks organized by teachers. This time, finally, the classes were face-to-face!

For most students, this was the first approach to Research Management and Administration… And it was a pleasant surprise! Not only did they have the chance to develop management skills that are transferable to their future jobs (and some already applied them to their Individual Projects or Master’s thesis), but for some students RMA could really be a future career option to explore.During the classes, students had the chance to connect with NOVA FCSH researchers, who provided real-case challenges to the students. With Ana Nuno students discussed the differences between a research application and a research project, and with Cristina Brito students were asked to prepare the agenda for the 4-OCEANS ERC project kick-off meeting. Also, the guest teachers Margarida Trindade, Diana Campelo and Cátia Marques provided new insights about the RMA profession and its added-value for research impact, ethics compliance and Open Science.

Along with attending foRMAtion classes, students also developed their own individual and final projects regarding a particular RMA topic and skill. From an RMA podcast to a website about the profession, from tips & tricks for students to manage their own project to a Newspaper about the course, students challenged themselves into developing their own management skills.

Click here to check out the final projects from NOVA students.