“Learning RMA by doing RMA – Empowering Tomorrow’s Research Managers and Administrators through foRMAtion’s Mentorship Programme”

The coming months will be filled with foRMAtion events all over Europe. As the project slowly comes to its end in December, we are eager to share the exciting news and results about research management training in higher education.

On 21 September 2022 the consortium will hold its next public stakeholder event in Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted by the Slovenian Forestry Institute. The event is primarily dedicated to leaders, managers, as well as research managers and administrators from research performing organizations and research funding organizations from all over Europe.

Silke Blohm (4Sciences Group Ltd, UK) will hold the keynote speech about importance of mentorship for the career development of RMAs.

The main focus of this half-day event will be on foRMAtion’s Mentorship Programme, elaborated by HÉTFA Research Institute and recently piloted from June to August 2022. This is a unique programme that combines research management training, mentoring and internship. It has been primarily designed for universities and research performing organizations that are interested in hosting and mentoring students.

Beside this, we will also share an outlook of similar mentorship programmes all around the world, such as the ERA Fellowships – Science Management Programme in Germany, mentorship activities within ARMA and of EARMA, the Odyssey Mentoring Programme of SRAI, as well as the Mentorship Programme of the Canadian Association of Research Administrators. As being mentor and mentee both advances research managers in their career, all these programmes are highly relevant if you want to develop your skills and knowledge in your profession.

We invite all interested experts to join the world café discussion about the potential transfer of foRMAtion’s mentorship programme and future cooperation through the framework of the foRMAtion alliances!

The event will be organized in person. Online participation will also be possible for the most of the event, with the exception of the discussions and the world café. Participants are invited to the networking dinner after the event, which is going to be a great opportunity to connect with the European RMA community.

Be it online or in person, we are very glad to involve you in our activities!

See the event flyer with the Agenda

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