During 2022, the consortium plans to hold five public events for stakeholders, seven training activities and four transnational project meetings. Sounds challenging? We are ready for it!

  • Public stakeholder events will take place in Romania, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Belgium to promote the project results, such as the blended learning platform, the RMA mentorship programme, the international teaching material and, during the final stage, the policy recommendations, to everyone who is interested in research management administration and in following the evolution of this field towards becoming a recognized profession.


  • Training activities will target students in the form of blended mobility.
    Students interested in exploring further the field of RMA may apply for the Seasonal School in Rome, a one-week long training hosted by ISINNOVA in April 2022, during which students can work on the online learning platform and get acquainted with the RMA profession. The course will include a preparatory and a follow-up phase when students will cooperate with each other remotely in international teams on specific tasks.
    Another possibility is the foRMAtion Mentorship Program, during which selected students who have already completed one of the semesters of the international module, can take part in an internship combined with mentoring during June-July 2022 at one of the 6 research support offices of the foRMAtion partnership. Students will work together with trained mentors and experience the daily life of research managers and administrators. Maybe RMA could be the career path someone dreamed of but did not know existed?


  • Four international project meetings will support the successful implementation of the multiplier events, the dissemination and the training activities where our partners will have the chance to meet again face-to-face and plan jointly the last activities.