The innovative foRMAtion course module Research Manager as a profession in the EU ecosystem: concepts, tools and practice, taught at the NOVA University School of Social Sciences and Humanities (Lisbon), has won its first prestigious international award: the Blended Learning Award.
The award ceremony took place on April 5th, 2022 as part of the NOVA Blended Learning Day that gathered cutting-edge knowledge on blended learning innovative practices across higher education institutions in Portugal, Spain and Italy.

During this occasion, the foRMAtion courses were presented via web streaming by Margarida Trindade and Cristina Oliveira, co-authors of the curriculum.


Why are foRMAtion courses ‘special’?

Professions in Research and Innovation Management are relatively new. Despite the high demand for experts in this field, targeted educational programs, especially at university level are rare, whereas it has been almost impossible to graduate as a Professional in Research Management. The Research Manager as a profession in the EU ecosystem two-semester curriculum has been designed, within the foRMAtion project, to fill this gap. The courses target undergraduate students, from all disciplinary areas, and aim to develop transversal skills useful for careers in Research Management but also  expendable in several other professional settings.
The modules are fully taught in English and have been tested internationally, by NOVA FCSH and by the other two academic project partners as well (at Corvinus University of Budapest and at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania.

The courses were designed primarily for face-to-face classroom work, with blended learning options for international seasonal schools and mentorships. However, as the elaboration and piloting of the program began during the COVID-19 lockdowns, a variety of online educational technology has been tested and can now be used to enhance the learning process during classes.


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