foRMAtion partner organisations successfully completed the pilot of the Mentorship Programme during the summer months, with 6 students taking part as mentees.

Students of the foRMAtion university courses had the unique opportunity to participate, for the first time, in our Mentorship Programme once they completed the university courses. The Mentorship Programme was brought to life to complement the international curriculum and to provide real-life RMA experience linked with personalized mentoring to university students, while, at the same time, bringing benefits to mentors and host institutions as well.

The programme was implemented during the summer months of 2022, with 6 former foRMAtion students from NOVA University of Lisbon, Corvinus University of Budapest and Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania sent out to 6 research support offices.

The mentors in the host organisations have received a preparatory training based on the Methodological Guide for the foRMAtion Mentorship Programme, created under the leadership of HÉTFA Research Institute. Throughout the training mentors became familiar with the formal requirements of the programme, and they also had the chance to further develop their leadership skills and knowledge basis necessary to provide professional and personal guidance to students. It was also a great opportunity for their own professional development due to the fact that the programme also contributed to formalizing the RMA profession.

All six students completed the programme successfully. For most of them this was the first time living abroad and the first experience of real working life. Thanks to the well-prepared mentors, the students received substantial professional and personal support, which contributed to their growth.

Based on the final reports of the students, they all enjoyed the time spent at their host organizations, and they were involved in several RMA tasks, both in pre-award and post-award phases of European research projects. Check foRMAtion’s social media acconts for more photos and stories from the mentees: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

If your organisation is not part of this program yet but you are interested in getting involved either as a sender, academic organisation or as a research performing host organisation, you can join our foRMAtion Mentorship Alliance by contacting us at: